Monday, May 21, 2012

Well, it's been kind of a while since I posted.

I'm really just checking this out on my other computer.  Sorry for any bother.  Seems there has been some new software for and I want to make sure I can access it on this computer too.  It's a test, you know.  Hugs, Syl xxxooo

Sunday, May 20, 2012

That little plaid shirt in the photo

Well, that little plaid shirt with tie in the photo is really one of  A Muse Studio's white paper bags with designer paper and a (had made tie) attached.  I had found a box similar to this on the internet (can't remember who had it), but the box was a bit difficult and time consuming to make, so I altered it to make this little paper bag.  It could be made into a woman's blouse by rounding corners and placing pearls around or under collar.  Oh, well, just wanted to give a bit of explanation as to what the plaid shirt was.  Hugs and Happy Stamping to you all.  Sorry, I've been so long in posting.

Well, I've been a bit scared to try this with the new blog software

Ok, here's photo of the May classes held on Thursday last week and Monday this week.  We focused on Father's Day and Graduation cards and paper crafts.  the graduation card with the hat is a gift card holder on the inside.  The stash card with tie is also a gift card holder.  Class was oodles of fun.  The best women in the world attend the classes and are "classy", if you know what I mean.  God bless you all.  Well, we'll see if this works:

Gosh, it worked.  Amazing how they keep changing software and making an old person, like me, worry about trying to post.  Ha!!  God bless you all and Happy Stamping.