Monday, June 16, 2014

New catalog coming

Well, the new A Muse Studio pdf download is available to us -- some great stamp sets and other products coming...I think it was worth the wait....God bless you all and hugs, Syl xxxooo

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Well, hopefully, I'm going to be able to post to this blog better. Hope  I can still remember what to do.  God bless you all for being kind to me.  hugs, syl xxxooo

Friday, April 26, 2013

My poor neglected blog.....

Well, I'm going to make an effort to post more to the blog these next few months....Sorry I've been absent for so long -- It's just that since they changed the format for this blog, I find it so difficult to make a post or upload photos...I'm going to try so very hard.  Hope it works.  God bless and hugs to you all. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

September Projects/Cards for Class

Finally, with the help of wonderful Laura, my dear friend, I have figured out how to post again.  Woo!! Hoo!!  Well, Laura figured it out.....Below are the projects and cards we are doing for the September Class.   

As, always, if you would like to join us, you can call me or e-mail me at  Class cost this month is $15.  Happy stamping to all.  Hugs, Syl xxxooo

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Now, here's the photo of the adult class for Thursday, July 12 and then following up on  Monday, July 16.

Well, first we're going to spend some time in class making an altered clip board -- I've had a few requests to do this over the years, so we're finally spending the time to make this project.  If we have time, I've made three other cards -- the bathing suit one is same as we're doing in kids class, then there's a cute little card using a circle template (Got this idea from Rita, my upline).  The final little card uses all the same ink and papers to match and again that wonderful A Muse Studio stamp set "sunny side of life" .  Hope we can get all these done in the two hours we have to work.  Hope everyone has fun!!!  I will try to keep better posting, just a pain to get it done with this new google chrome thingie.  YIKES!!!
OK, here's photo of kids projects for the month of July.  Class will be held Thursday, July12 at 9:30 am -- for the summer I've been asked to hold class in the morning so the kids can go swimming.  hope they like the three cards we're doing.  The brown card is supposed to look like an oreo cookie -- The outside reads:  How sweet it is and inside reads to have you as a friend.  The bathing suit card has a bathing suit bikini on the back side with a little heart tatoo - you know how everyone "young" has those tatoos now a days.  Oh, well.  Hope they enjoy the class.

Goodness, this new way of getting on my blog is a royal pain.  Anyhoo, here's photos of  June's classes -- just haven't had the time to get things downloaded: